Is Alexa Bliss about to get married?

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Is Alexa Bliss about to get married?

Is Alexa Bliss about to get married? Alexa Bliss is one of the main protagonists of the current WWE landscape, which in recent weeks has presented her as a new ally of Bray Wyatt and his The Fiend. But the love life of the former female champion of Raw, SmackDown and as a couple has nothing to do with that of her current ally (in turn happily linked from a sentimental point of view to JoJo Offerman).

Alexa Bliss has been engaged to Ryan Cabrera for a year, and on the occasion of their first anniversary, the latter took the plunge: he asked her to marry her. And the answer was yes.

Who is Ryan Cabrera, future husband of Alexa Bliss

Ryan Cabrera is an American singer and musician, active in the Dallas area since the early 2000s.

More known for some of his participations in film soundtracks and TV series than for real concerts, he has been friends with several nineties for years. WWE and American wrestling in general. In particular, it was The Miz and Maryse who played the role of Cupids.

As the A-Lister recalled when commenting on Alexa Bliss's post, it was he who organized the meeting between the two. Returning, in some way, the favor to Ryan Cabrera who played the first dance right between The Miz and Maryse.

Prior to her romance with the musician and her future husband, Alexa Bliss was romantically linked to Buddy Murphy. Their romance ended in 2018.

The Undertaker reveals who is the greatest wrestler ever in his opinion.

After 30 years of honorable career, WWE undertaker Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker (one of the greatest wretler ever), has decided to retire permanently from wrestling wrestling, with the painful decision taken by the now 55-year-old, which was however inevitable after the drop in performance due to age and physical shape no longer excellent due to the numerous injuries suffered during his career.

Precisely on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the Undertaker's debut, the WWE has thus decided to dedicate entirely the ppv where Taker debuted in the now distant 1990, precisely to his Deadman, with the edition of Survivor Series this month which will in fact go on stage the last farewell to the career of McMahon's Deadman, in an unusually empty arena with no real fans, something that no one would have ever wished for the end of the career of the legendary athlete.

Recently interviewed by the microphones of the Sony Sports India site, the Stamford federation gravedigger was forced to name who he believes was the best performer in WWE history, with a single possible name that came out of the Deadman's mouth: "If I have to pick a particular match, I'd say Wrestlemania 25 against Shawn Michaels.

The quality of the match, the storyline, this was one of the greatest matches of which I became the protagonist. I think Shawn Michaels is probably the greatest in-ring performer of all time. This match began a series of four matches - the two with Shawn where I ended up having him retire the following year and then with Triple H taking over to take his friend's side.

It all ended with Triple H, Shawn Michaels and me standing still on the stage, after a series of 4 incredible matches. That was the end of an era and it's the thing I'm most proud of about my work in WWE. Those four Wrestlemania."