Tony Khan Comments After Firing CM Punk From AEW

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Tony Khan Comments After Firing CM Punk From AEW
Tony Khan Comments After Firing CM Punk From AEW © Leon Bennett / Getty Images Entertainment

CM Punk is released from AEW. This news spread rapidly through the media. AEW issued a statement via social media and confirmed that CM Punk will definitely no longer be a part of AEW. "All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has terminated the wrestler and employment agreements between Phillip Brooks (CM Punk) and
AEW with cause, effective immediately.

The termination was confirmed today by Tony Khan, CEO, General Manager and Head of Creative of AEW. The termination follows a weeklong internal investigation of an incident occurring back stage at AEW – All In London on Sunday, August 27.

Following the investigation, the AEW Discipline Committee met and later convened with outside legal counsel before making a unanimous recommendation to Khan that CM Punk be terminated with cause."

Tony Khan and CM Punk

Tony Khan understands the significance of CM Punk to the company.

Nevertheless, he had to do everything he could for the company and all its employees. As a result of CM Punk's behavior, he will suffer the consequences. CM Punk has been a pleasure to work with and Khan is grateful he had the opportunity to work with him.

“Phil played an important role within AEW and I thank him for his contributions. The termination of his AEW contracts with cause is ultimately my decision, and mine alone. Of course, I wish I didn’t have to share this news, which may come as a disappointment to many of our fans.

Nevertheless, I am making the decision in the best interests of the many amazing people who make AEW possible every week – our talent, staff, venue operators and many others whose efforts are unsung but essential to bringing our fans great shows on television and at arenas and stadiums throughout the world”.

AEW will continue its story without an important man. CM Punk made a big mark on the AEW scene. He will be remembered for great matches and various incidents.

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