Seth Rollins on Bray Wyatt's career: He can be a lesson to young wrestlers


Seth Rollins on Bray Wyatt's career: He can be a lesson to young wrestlers
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The "After The Bell" podcast was a great opportunity for Seth Rollins to comment on Bray Wyatt and his career. Despite all the challenges in his career and rejections, Wyatt managed to "pick himself up" and show that nothing can stop him from realizing his dreams.

Wyatt was an example of courage and perseverance. “Creativity is one thing, but the resilience, you got to remember like Windham was like, this close to getting fired. He was this close to just being gone. He had come up, done NXT, he had done the Husky Harris thing, he’d gotten removed from the the NXT TakeOver thing, the the Nexus stuff that happened on television, and then he got sent back down to developmental and like, he just totally revamped himself, and he took a shot.

It wasn’t immediate. He tried a lot of different things. He had a lot of different ideas floating around in his head, and to be there kind of on the ground floor and see that process and see what eventually turned into Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family, I mean, that is a lesson, to keep it in the wrestling bubble, that’s the lesson to all young talent or talents who are trying to find their footing in our industry."- he said, as quoted by!

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Rollins also used the opportunity to instruct young wrestlers that they should never lose faith in themselves. When you believe and want something enough, you will manage to find a way to make your dream come true.

Wyatt showed that he deserved a chance, and no one ever doubted that he possessed great qualities. "Don’t let setbacks force you to feel like you failed, or that you need to give up or give in or or any of that. You can be successful.

You just have to figure yourself out. You’ve got to figure out who you are and what your character is. You can do all these things. You just have to believe and you have to work and you have to process and it takes time and that’s okay.

I know Windham was frustrated during that period of time, but he just let his creative juices flow. He had the American Dream Dusty Rhodes there, and he had his friends and his brothers and his people, and everybody was rooting for him”.

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