Eric Bischoff criticizes the match between CM Punk and Samoa Joe

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Eric Bischoff criticizes the match between CM Punk and Samoa Joe
Eric Bischoff criticizes the match between CM Punk and Samoa Joe © Ethan Miller / Getty Images Entertainment

Eric Bischoff and his critics are what we are used to. This time the target was CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe. Bischoff was not satisfied with their match. At the very start, he emphasized that there were several things that did not suit him.

Bischoff decided to be mild in criticizing them. “Look, it was a solid match. No negatives, right? I’m going to be honest. I’m going to be as honest as I can possibly be because, obviously, I have some biases, and I have a certain perspective based on what I like.

And it’s all subjective. It’s just my opinion. So I will try to keep things as positive as possible. I thought the match was slow-paced. It didn’t have a lot of energy. I thought Punk started looking gassed after about two minutes in, and I don’t think he was.

I think he was selling like he had run a marathon up to two hours before he decided to wrestle Joe And it’s just the pace of it I thought was surprisingly slow."- he said, as quoted by!

Eric Bischoff and his criticsm

There are still many things that Eric Bischoff did not want to see.

The very beginning was 'awkward' for him. In addition, too much blood also did not suit him. "Now, I will admit part of that is because I think my expectations were a little out of whack. I’ve never really seen Punk Joe’s history, and I understand they’ve had some really, really good matches in the past.

I’m a huge fan of Samoa, Joe as a human being and as a character. So I was really, you know, I was excited and I wanted to, I wanted to put it over, and I and I and I am. It was solid. It was good. It just caught me a little bit.

I thought starting a show with something was a little awkward. This slows the pace. I was also not surprised but disappointed to see that much blood early on in the show when I expected this thing was going to be a, you know, hemoglobin fest.

And it certainly was. And I think starting off the show with that much blood when you know that much more is coming at some point it doesn’t matter anymore”.

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