Eric Bischoff: MJF is the most valuable person in that company

"I think MJF, we’re still not seeing the best of MJF yet"

by Sead Dedovic
Eric Bischoff: MJF is the most valuable person in that company
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WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff, although known as a frequent critic, had only words of praise this time. AEW All In main event obviously left a great impression on him. In his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric had nothing but words of praise for MJF, who amazed him with his qualities.

MJF managed to retain the title over Adam Cole. “So impressed. So impressed. I think MJF, we’re still not seeing the best of MJF yet. That’s still to come. He’s still a child, as far as his career. He’s got so much more to give, to grow, and to learn, and to experience along the way.

It’s only gonna make him better every time he comes through the curtain. He’s already, in my opinion, the most valuable guy on that roster. Without a hesitation, he’s the most valuable person in that company, in my opinion, and he’s going to get more valuable”.

- Bischoff said, as quoted by!

Eric Bischoff on Cole vs MJF

The finish of Cole vs. MJF is what especially delighted Bischoff. Eric is interested in who is the producer of this match, considering that he did a huge thing and left a big impression on everyone!

“I think Adam Cole did a great job. I want to know who laid this match out. More importantly or specifically, who came up with this finish? I suspect I know. Not gonna drop a name, but I’m really curious if this conversation on this podcast creates more conversation on social media because the finish to this match was so well-layered.

When I talked earlier about WCW disease, this is an example of the cure for WCW disease. I’ve often talked about the one thing WCW, even at the height of our success, the one thing we did not do a good job at was coming up with great finishes that provided almost a story within a story.

This finish and the drama that ensued, and the execution of it, made this match stand out so far and above anything else, in terms of structure. As a story, both backstory leading into the match, even using the preliminary show as a foundation or a platform to continue it, but the execution of this, everything about it, the conceit of it.

Who laid this out? I want to know. That person is one of the more valuable people in this company, in my opinion”.

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