Eric Bischoff apologized to Tony Khan: I was a little hard on him

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Eric Bischoff apologized to Tony Khan: I was a little hard on him
Eric Bischoff apologized to Tony Khan: I was a little hard on him © Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images Entertainment

In his "83 Weeks" podcast, Eric Bischoff took the opportunity to apologize to Tony Khan, regarding the comments he directed towards the main man of AEW and ROH. Bischoff emphasized that he is very passionate about his work.

Sometimes in that passion, he says the words he later regrets It seems his main desire is for AEW to progress and achieve great things, but also he felt the need to point out to Tony Khan the mistakes he keeps making. “And that’s probably why sometimes I get overly passionate when I see things that are so obvious to me, which people should have been able to learn from some of the mistakes that I did make in WCW or I allowed to happen in WCW.

Yet they’re being repeated now and it’s like, Dude, you know, Tony, and I’m not being negative on Tony on this show. He, you know, congratulated Tony Khan and actually apologized. I want to apologize publicly to Tony.

I was a little hard on him when we did Strictly Business regarding how he handled certain things. And I think I was a little too hard. That’s just my emotion because of passion. I really want to see it work. "- Eric Bischoff said, as quoted by

Eric Bischoff warns Tony Khan

Eric believes that Tony Khan is a great man and that he was born for great things.

Bischoff's main goal is to keep AEW from doing the same thing as WCW. "But, you know, Tony came out and said a while back and it’s probably one of the things that started setting this thing off was between him and I was, you know, I don’t want to make the same mistakes WCW made.

Well, dude, you are. And not only are you making the same mistakes that Eric Bischoff made in WCW, but you’re. They’re on steroids and they’re actually worse than some of the mistakes I’ve made or the same mistakes, but with greater impact.

So I apologize for being as verbose and as rough as I was on Tony, but it’s really only because of passion. I want to see him succeed. I think Tony is a wonderful human being. I think he’s a very smart guy. I just think in certain aspects he’s in over his head”.

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