Xavier Woods Sidelined from WWE Raw Due to Whiplash

In a heartfelt update, Xavier Woods shares recovery plans.

by Nouman Rasool
Xavier Woods Sidelined from WWE Raw Due to Whiplash
© Jerod Harris/Getty Images

WWE's charismatic talent, Xavier Woods, took to social media on Tuesday, revealing that due to a medical predicament, he won't be gracing the WWE Universe on the upcoming episode of "WWE Raw." The genesis of this unexpected hiatus? A rather painful encounter on the previous Monday's "Raw," where he unfortunately became the recipient of a chair to the face, courtesy of Drew McIntyre.

The blow, while a significant one, was purportedly unintended by McIntyre, who, in the narrative, was actually aiming for Erik of The Viking Raiders, not Woods.

Xavier Woods Confirms Injury Hiatus

Woods passionately penned on his social platform, "Moments before, I had a chair hurled into my face, giving me whiplash.

Doctors' orders, no wrestling next week. I was eagerly looking forward to competing on my birthday, but alas, I'll be nursing my injuries from the confines of my home next Monday. See y’all the week after." The whirlwind of events transpired during an intense bout between The New Day and The Viking Raiders.

While Erik and Ivar clinched the win over Woods and Kofi Kingston, it was impossible to overlook McIntyre's presence with Matt Riddle by ringside. Their intention? To keep a close watch on the tag team's prowess on display.

It’s worth highlighting that Riddle has been consistently nudging McIntyre of late, hoping to solidify him as a permanent tag team ally. Looking back, the dynamics between these wrestlers have been nothing short of intriguing.

Just a week prior, on the August 21 "Raw" episode, Kingston and Woods bested the team of McIntyre and Riddle. Rewinding further, August 7 showcased The New Day triumphing over The Viking Raiders. This episode bore significance as it marked the inaugural tag team match for The New Day's duo - Kingston and Woods, post their showdown against The Judgment Day's Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio during the February 10 "SmackDown." Before their venture into the spotlight of "SmackDown," the dynamic duo showcased their prowess in "NXT," holding the coveted "NXT" Tag Team Titles from December 2022 through February 2023.