Street Profits Clash with Carmelo Hayes & D'Angelo Family on NXT

Champion Hayes drops hints about his NXT future.

by Nouman Rasool
Street Profits Clash with Carmelo Hayes & D'Angelo Family on NXT
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In a riveting twist of events, Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits had previously unveiled his ambition: to have his team grab the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships. But as this Tuesday night's installment of "WWE NXT" revealed, The Street Profits seem to have another goal in mind - a reclamation of titles they once proudly held before they shot up to the main roster's limelight.

In a scene that had fans on the edge of their seats, the Tuesday episode of "NXT" unfurled an unexpected backstage interaction. The Street Profits, in an unforeseen cameo, crossed paths with "NXT" Champion Carmelo Hayes and the reigning "NXT" Tag Team Champions, The Family, comprised of Channing Lorenzo and Tony D'Angelo.

The two champions seemed deeply engrossed in a conversation, only to be momentarily interrupted by the arrival of The Street Profits.

Carmelo Hayes Addresses Championship Buzz

While Hayes, fresh from a commendable title defense against Wes Lee, received plaudits for his championship reign, a curious inquiry about his future plans yielded an interesting response.

With an air of nonchalance, Hayes remarked about his intent to "silence the rah-rah" echoing around him shortly before making a discreet exit from the scene. However, it was the ensuing conversation between The Street Profits and The Family that truly intensified the atmosphere.

Paying homage to their storied past, Lorenzo and D'Angelo acknowledged The Street Profits' noteworthy legacy in "NXT," particularly emphasizing their tenure as "NXT" Tag Team Champions. While the air hung heavy with uncertainty about The Street Profits' future role in "NXT," Montez Ford dropped a tantalizing hint, remarking to Lorenzo and D'Angelo, "Maybe next time in the neighborhood, we'll check to see how you doing." It's noteworthy that The Family clinched the "NXT" Tag Team Championship just last month, showcasing their prowess by triumphing over Gallus at the acclaimed Great American Bash event.

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