Update on Bianca Belair's Recent WWE Hiatus

Bianca Belair's legacy goes beyond the ring's ropes.

by Nouman Rasool
Update on Bianca Belair's Recent WWE Hiatus
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The wrestling community was abuzz following the dramatic scene on the August 18 episode of "WWE SmackDown", where Damage CTRL attacked Bianca Belair's knee. This intriguing storyline was WWE's creative approach to ushering the former WWE Women's Champion off our screens.

Contrary to popular beliefs fueled by the storyline, Belair's knee is perfectly fine. As per insider information from Fightful Select, the charismatic superstar is taking a well-deserved break from the limelight. While the duration of this hiatus remains shrouded in mystery, whispers in the industry suggest her absence could range anywhere from a few weeks to an extended three-month vacation.

Bianca Belair's Unmatched Championship Reign

Belair, during her tenure as the "Raw" Women's Champion, was nothing short of exemplary. The wrestling world saw her commitment not only inside the ring but also in her interactions with the media and community.

Notably, she shone brightly during her appearance on the 37th Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Beyond that, Belair regularly carved out time from her hectic schedule to give back, participating in numerous community service events.

Her commitment and resilience led to a remarkable 420-day championship reign. Throughout this period, she defended her title with aplomb against formidable opponents like Becky Lynch, Sonya Deville, Carmela, and Alexa Bliss.

However, every reign has its end, and Asuka marked the history books by ending Belair's at Night of Champions on May 27. This event also saw Asuka crowned as the inaugural WWE Women's Champion after the title underwent a rebranding.

In the weeks leading up to her 'injury', Belair showcased her prowess by teaming with a former adversary, Charlotte Flair, to outmaneuver Damage CTRL. Adding another layer to her recent storyline was the WWE SummerSlam event.

Here, Belair overcame her scripted knee injury to clinch the WWE Women's title, albeit briefly. This triumphant moment was short-lived as SKY swooped in, capitalizing on her Money in the Bank briefcase, to steal the championship spotlight.

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