Britney Abrahams vs. WWE: Discrimination Suit Update

Inside WWE's controversial racial bias claims: A deeper look.

by Nouman Rasool
Britney Abrahams vs. WWE: Discrimination Suit Update
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Earlier this year, the professional wrestling world was rocked by a damning allegation: former WWE writer Britney Abrahams leveled a civil discrimination lawsuit against the WWE, as well as its high-profile figures including Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and several other key personnel.

The core of the accusation revolves around alleged racist undertones that permeated the company's culture and programming. While the charges against individual members, including the McMahons, have since been dropped, the case against the WWE as an entity remains steadfast.

Recent information from PWInsider sheds light on a joint motion filed by both Abrahams and WWE. This motion, requesting additional time for WWE to furnish their response, suggests that both parties might be gravitating towards a potential settlement.

Allegations of Racial Insensitivity

The heart of the lawsuit beats with unsettling allegations. Abrahams claims that throughout her tenure with the company, she was subjected to racial biases. The environment, as she describes it, was fraught with racially insensitive materials being pitched, and in some instances, even integrated into the company's live broadcasts.

Two disturbing instances mentioned by Abrahams include a suggestion that Saudi Arabian WWE star Mansoor was in some way associated with the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Another saw Apollo Crews, a Black wrestler, adopting a Nigerian accent and persona out of the blue, an act that was broadcast to millions.

It's worth noting that Abrahams, who began her WWE journey in 2020, was dismissed in April 2022. While the official rationale pointed to her theft of a WWE WrestleMania chair, Abrahams alleges that similar actions by other employees were overlooked, leading her to speculate that this might have been a smokescreen to facilitate her termination.

The shadows over WWE don't end here. Vince McMahon, the patriarch of the wrestling empire, is presently embroiled in another legal maelstrom. McMahon is under federal scrutiny following claims of attempting to hush allegations of sexual misconduct within WWE by compensating victims.

The urgency of the investigation was underscored last month when, just days post a significant spinal surgery, the 78-year-old McMahon was served with a federal search warrant and subpoena. As these dramatic proceedings unfold, fans and industry insiders alike wait with bated breath to see how the WWE narrative evolves.