WWE's Shelved Plan: Sanity's Reformation Revealed by Alexander Wolfe

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WWE's Shelved Plan: Sanity's Reformation Revealed by Alexander Wolfe
WWE's Shelved Plan: Sanity's Reformation Revealed by Alexander Wolfe © Wrestlezone/YouTube

Sanity, once a dominant faction in the world of "WWE NXT," reigned supreme during what many consider the program's golden age. Their electric rise caught the attention of fans worldwide, and their eventual promotion to the main WWE roster was awaited with bated breath.

However, the faction's run on the main roster didn't live up to expectations, and they soon found themselves at a crossroads. In a recent candid appearance on the "Developmentally Speaking" podcast, Alexander Wolfe, a cornerstone of the Sanity faction, shed light on the unrealized visions WWE had for the group.

"There was indeed a roadmap set to bring Sanity back together," disclosed Wolfe. The group's earlier disbandment was designed more as a strategic move, ensuring that each member remained active and relevant, rather than stagnating and potentially facing termination.

Eric Young and Nikki Cross continued their journey on the main roster, while Wolfe and Killian Dain repositioned themselves back to NXT, albeit with unique trajectories. Wolfe found himself as a part of the Imperium faction in NXT U.K., while Dain graced the regular NXT platform.

Alexander Wolfe Vision for Sanity's Return

Mapping out the future, Wolfe added, "The subsequent strategy was to detach me from Imperium, hinting at my role as the vulnerable link. Simultaneously, there were murmurs of resurrecting Sanity with Killian Dain and Eric Young.

This revamped team would clinch the NXT tag team titles, setting the stage for a gripping feud against Imperium. I'd find my place back with Sanity during this rivalry, and together, we'd make a triumphant return to the U.S.

NXT." Regrettably, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 halted these grand plans. Reflecting on Sanity's journey, Wolfe expressed some regrets. He passionately believes the faction was prematurely catapulted to the main roster. The enigmatic group had numerous stories yet to unfold, and more appearances at NXT Takeover could have fortified their legacy.

In Wolfe's view, though assurances were given about Sanity's promising future on the main roster, they sadly never saw the light of day.