Brian Pillman Jr. NXT Bound: WWE's Newest Rising Star!


Brian Pillman Jr. NXT Bound: WWE's Newest Rising Star!
Brian Pillman Jr. NXT Bound: WWE's Newest Rising Star! © jim varsallone (jimmyv3 channel)/YouTube

Brian Pillman Jr.' s anticipated debut on "WWE NXT" has had the professional wrestling community buzzing with excitement. Earlier this month, many were expecting to witness his first televised appearance on WWE's platform, but this moment remains elusive.

This isn't surprising, as transitioning between major promotions can sometimes necessitate a brief hiatus to align with contractual and creative planning. As per the latest scoop from PWInsider, Brian, a celebrated second-generation wrestler, has officially commenced his journey with WWE this week.

This follows after he diligently honored all his commitments on the independent wrestling circuit.

Brian Pillman Jr. WWE Integration Underway

However, fans might need to arm themselves with patience. Current chatter suggests that WWE's top brass wants Pillman Jr.

to assimilate into the WWE Performance System first. This is an essential step that allows new talents to familiarize themselves with WWE's unique in-ring style, production dynamics, and training regimen. While the specifics regarding Pillman's debut date and potential storylines remain under wraps, it's evident that WWE intends to carve a notable path for him.

For those who might've missed it, Pillman Jr.' s tenure with AEW concluded in July. Not long after his contract's expiration, he was spotted attending a WWE tryout, fueling speculations. While his AEW journey provided sporadic television appearances, his last notable match was a showdown against Swerve Strickland on "AEW Rampage" in February.

He also had a memorable outing at AEW's "House Rules" in May, marking his final bout with the promotion. Industry insiders suggest that WWE had been keenly observing Pillman, eager to bring him on board once he turned a free agent.

Before his imminent WWE chapter, Pillman showcased his prowess on the independent circuit. On August 5, he grappled with Kenny Morton for the prestigious NWA Junior Heavyweight Title at a T-Mart Promotions event. Post-match, Morton acknowledged Pillman's talent and hinted at his transition to grander arenas, foreshadowing the unfolding WWE narrative.