Nick Patrick: Edge is WWE Next Undertaker

WWE dynamics shift as veteran wrestlers seek flexibility.

by Nouman Rasool
Nick Patrick: Edge is WWE Next Undertaker
© Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

Former WWE referee Nick Patrick has recently shared insights that challenge the widely held belief that Edge is concluding his time with WWE. According to Patrick, as Edge approaches the twilight of his wrestling career, he is poised to transform into a yearly spectacle at WrestleMania, echoing the footsteps of The Undertaker during the final leg of his iconic tenure.

Addressing the swirling rumors about Edge's impending retirement on his "Monday Mailbag" podcast, Patrick asserted, "There's so much speculation about him retiring, but in my eyes, he's shaping up to mirror The Undertaker's trajectory." He opined that while the demanding routines of touring suit the younger generation, Edge's 2020 comeback post-neck surgery was nothing short of miraculous, demonstrating the wrestler's resilience and commitment.

Edge Exceptional WWE Status

In the world of WWE, while Chairman Vince McMahon may occasionally allow seasoned wrestlers like Brock Lesnar to operate on a more flexible, part-time schedule, the general expectation remains that the majority will be on the road frequently.

But Patrick firmly believes that Edge, now 49, has secured his place as a deserving exception, emphasizing, "He might not appear in every WrestleMania, but I'm confident he'll make a noteworthy return, and sooner than we think." Furthermore, Patrick is skeptical of a complete retirement scenario for Edge.

"Even if he decides to step back, I can't envision him disappearing from the scene entirely," he remarked. On a more personal note, when probed about his experiences collaborating with Edge and Christian, Patrick reminisced about a memorable incident with another retired referee, Teddy Long.

He recounted, "Vince once advised Teddy, emphasizing how Edge and Christian's timing on pre-counts was razor-thin. He was clear: if they pushed it, count them out." Consequently, following McMahon's directives earned Long some friction with a few wrestlers, making Edge and Christian particularly wary of other referees.

Chuckling, Patrick continued, "They were even apprehensive about me counting them out. But I always reassured them, 'We're in this together. Being new, I'm not here to rock the boat.' "