Road Dogg on Becky Lynch 2018 SummerSlam Heel Turn

WWE dynamics shift as generational views clash backstage.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Road Dogg on Becky Lynch 2018 SummerSlam Heel Turn
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In the wake of WWE's 2018 SummerSlam event, Becky Lynch emerged with a revamped heel persona. Yet, rather than rejecting Lynch's more aggressive demeanor, many wrestling enthusiasts embraced her renewed zest, which became the impetus for her ascension to the main event of WrestleMania 35 as "The Man." During a candid chat on the "Oh You Didn't Know" podcast, the ever-opinionated "Road Dogg" Brian James delved into the backstage intricacies and reasoning behind Lynch's seismic post-match assault on Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam.

James Questions Fans' Loyalty

Reflecting on the events, James remarked, "The narrative was set such that Charlotte, seemingly from nowhere, clinched the 'SmackDown' Women's Championship, almost swiping it right out from under Becky's nose.

Becky was initially slated for the title match. Herein lies the generational difference, I suppose. I come from a time when things weren't simply handed over. So, witnessing the audience's reaction, I felt they were misdirected.

Rooting for Becky in this scenario was akin to cheering on the 'Bad News Bears' if they'd gone rogue, or supporting a young baseball or softball player who, rather than acknowledging a 'Good game,' lashes out in poor sportsmanship." James further illustrated his perspective by comparing Lynch's unexpected strike on Flair to a moment of shocking bad sportsmanship.

"Had your child's team reacted in such a way after a game, the reactions would be of shock and disapproval. Becky's actions mirrored this," he added. However, he admitted his surprise that fans didn't perceive Lynch's actions as that of a typical heel, one deserving of jeers.

Instead, WWE's vast fandom showcased an overwhelming camaraderie with Lynch. Yet, despite James's traditional perspective on how the WWE universe should have responded, Lynch's newfound audacity resonated deeply. It became evident that the wrestling world was ready for a change, even if it came in the form of an unexpected heel turn.

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