Booker T gives reasons why Carmelo Hayes needs to stay in NXT for a while longer

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Booker T gives reasons why Carmelo Hayes needs to stay in NXT for a while longer
Booker T gives reasons why Carmelo Hayes needs to stay in NXT for a while longer

Booker T talked about interesting topics in his "Hall Of Fame" podcast. Booker T mentioned several names and singled out Carmelo Hayes in particular. The legendary wrestler believes that Hayes and individuals should stay in NXT for a little longer in order to fully assert themselves on the biggest scene.

“Just like Grayson Waller; I always said Grayson Waller would be a great, great fit, pretty deadly. To see a tag team, you know, as a tag team before you see them on the main roster, two guys, they didn’t just put together.

You got Carmelo Hayes, Carmelo; you got Trick Williams. You got, I mean, so many guys that, you know, are going to be making their way to that main roster real soon. But to be able to see these guys on exceed, for me, it’s, it’s cool.

And for me to work with these guys, you know, on a close and personal basis, that’s what I’m, I love more than anything. What do we say? We are NXT. Just Let them cook a little bit longer”. - he said, as quoted by

Booker T on Williams and Hayes

Booker T is also of the opinion that Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes need to be separated in order for Williams to gain more importance.

Booker T is worried that Williams might fall for the whole story. It is necessary for him to become independent and show that he really possesses a huge talent. “You know what, man? You can only run that game for so long.

And my thing is, I don’t think they’re broken up or anything like that. I think one will still watch one’s back, for sure. But as far as letting Trick go out there and get his feet wet and, you know, try to come up in the game, and it’s important because everybody right now talking about Carmelo, you know, perhaps maybe moving to the main roster, Carmelo should be on the main roster.

It’s a whole lot of talk like that. So if Carmelo leaves and, and Trick has just been, you know, that wingman and hadn’t gotten any reps saying, it’s going to be like starting from scratch. It’s like me opening my wrestling school back in 2005.

You know, if I would’ve opened it, you know, three years ago, I wouldn’t be anywhere near ahead of the curve. You know what I mean? So I think, you know, letting Trick go ahead and get his feet wet, get ahead of the curve, learn the, you know, the, the sides learn who he is and what he wants to be inside the square circle.

It starts right now. And for me, there again, having him in NXT, I’m going to be right there, you know, at the hip, trying to help this young man, come along and, you know, be, become a monster. Do you know what I’m saying? Go out there and wreck shop.

You know, I’m talking about bringing the noise, all of that there, mixed in one he digs. Would you like a few more big matches before we should even talk about them? Not that he has a few more in; he needs a few more.

He needs a few more of those marquee-type matches before he moves on. He needs that fight, that experience under his belt. You understand what it means to, you know, go out there and throw hands. I always talk about the rise of Finn Balor and the way Finn looks now, as opposed to the way Finn looked five or six years ago, to be different. Dude”.

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