Eric Bischoff gives some interesting advice to WWE regarding LA Knight

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Eric Bischoff gives some interesting advice to WWE regarding LA Knight
Eric Bischoff gives some interesting advice to WWE regarding LA Knight

Eric Bischoff had some interesting topics in his 83 Weeks podcast. One of the topics was the Slim Jim Battle Royal and the fact that it is an important factor for the rise of LA Knight. Although Bischoff was not interested in watching such a match, he was ultimately satisfied with what he had to see.

“I think using it as a vehicle for LA Knight was absolutely, done to perfection as far as the match itself goes, you know, how I feel about this kind of thing. It’s just until the last four men weren’t in, I had a hard time watching it.

Because it’s just clunky, awkward, no story. The action sucks. Just get me to the finish. You know, get me to the last two minutes. ’cause that’s all that matters to me. I sat, you know, painfully through the majority of it.

What did 12 minutes get? I sat painfully through 10 and I got interested in the last two and, and thought it was a great job. Great job getting LA Knight over”. - he said, as quoted by

Eric Bischoff and his advice

Bischoff gave advice to WWE.

The legend of the wrestling scene believes that WWE should not rush with LA Knight. In these moments, the most important thing is to show patience, since sometimes rushing can spoil things. We have no doubt that WWE executives really know how to act in these moments, and that they will get the most out of LA Knight.

“I think without having any insight from anybody in WWE. I’ve never had this type of discussion with anybody in WWE, but having competed against them and worked with them for a number of years, both as a talent and being around backstage and a part of the process, as well as being an executive for a cup of coffee.

I think there’s a feeling in WWE that you don’t rush. Don’t go too fast because going too fast can ruin it. You want to make sure the audience is actually buying in. I think they bought in regardless of what’s going on internally or not going on internally in WWE.

I do believe that Paul Levesque has the experience and has seen what happens when you don’t listen to the audience and don’t let the audience dictate what they really want. He’s also seen what happens when you rush somebody too quickly.

Yeah. And they’re not ready for that spot. And I think LA Knight has found himself, number one, he individually as a pro has found his sweet spot."

Eric Bischoff

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