Ricky Starks on working with CM Punk

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Ricky Starks on working with CM Punk
Ricky Starks on working with CM Punk

Ricky Starks spoke with Alicia Atout about AEW Collision and the fact that he has the opportunity to work with CM Punk. Starks is looking forward to working with such a big name as CM Punk. His career is truly cinematic, and he has experienced a lot.

“It’s been really good for me I feel like (Starks said about working with CM Punk on Collision). I have a renewed sense of myself and I have a renewed sense of, you know, something of substance type thing and I remember back then when he had all these — he was facing (Powerhouse) Hobbs and all these other people and I was like, ‘Damn, what about me?’ I did feel some type of way because in my mind, it is great to wrestle somebody with that type of experience,” Starks said, as quoted by pwmania.com “I don’t think people realize Punk is one of the few guys that have gone from the independents of the old, went through the transition of WWE and that whole system.

Then went into the other transition of when it was really corporate WWE and now he’s here. He’s one of the very few. Him, Bryan (Danielson), people like that-that have gone through that system and they know. They’ve seen all those different phases of wrestling.

So it’s great to have just because iron sharpens iron and I think being in there with Punk obviously makes me a better person because in my head, there’s a lot of pressure that I put on myself to step up the plate so to speak”.

Ricky Starks

Starks is happy to have the opportunity to wrestle with people of similar quality to his own. However, he wants much bigger challenges in his career. His goals are really big. “As they say on the internet, it’s sink or swim and I’ve been swimming quite a bit.

So, it’s great, it really is and these are things that are needed. It’s cool to wrestle someone that’s on the same level as me, but I really don’t want that. I want to wrestle someone that is way better than me, that is beyond my years, you know what I’m saying? And I feel like everybody should strive for that.

I want to wrestle someone that definitely could eat my lunch. I would love that. I would want to be on the mic against someone that could destroy me. Let’s do it, let’s see how that goes”.

Cm Punk

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