Tony Khan reacts to Triple H's statements that AEW is a 'secondary promotion'

"WWE has been secondary in a lot of markets"

by Sead Dedovic
Tony Khan reacts to Triple H's statements that AEW is a 'secondary promotion'

In Cody Rhodes' Peacock documentary, Triple H surprised many people when he talked about AEW as a "secondary promotion". It is obvious that, immediately following such a statement, a number of journalists went directly to Tony Khan to hear the reaction he had to make about it.

An interview Khan gave to the Orlando Sentinel has made it clear that AEW is achieving tremendous success, and that they are in no way a secondary promotion at this point in time. Khan is delighted with the current situation in which they are and is expecting great things to happen in the near future.

“We certainly won’t be the secondary promotion at All In. We’re No. 1 in the UK, on TV and with a record gate. I have a lot of respect for Cody. I know these weren’t his words, to be fair, but we’re not secondary in a lot of markets — for the first time in a long time, WWE has been secondary in a lot of markets….

I’m proud of where we’re at and we’re not taking a back seat to anybody”. - Khan said, as quoted by

All In matches

In addition, Khan also confirmed during tonight's episode of Dynamite that matches for All In would be announced soon.

As the show at Wembley approaches, there are high expectations from the fans, and there is a lot of interest from them as a result. In general, it is expected that All In will be a truly spectacular event that will be talked about for a long time to come.

“Looking at the path we’d be on this summer towards All In at Wembley, I always felt tonight in Tampa would be the perfect place to begin match announcements and officially take that next step. It’s perfect timing, the perfect amount of excitement.

The 200th episode is important to the network and to the fans. It’s a major milestone for Dynamite, and it happens to be four weeks out from All In”.

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