Cody Rhodes on using other wrestlers' moves

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Cody Rhodes on using other wrestlers' moves
Cody Rhodes on using other wrestlers' moves

Cody Rhodes is currently one of the biggest stars on the WWE scene. In an interview with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, Rhodes talked about his career and interesting things. At the very start, Rhodes referred to the moves in WWE and the fact that he was taking moves from famous wrestlers.

He believes that this is exactly what makes him different from others. “Booker T, in the corner. Jerry Lynn also does it. I’ll do the spin over into a sunset flip. My rule is, if I wrestle you more than five times, I can do all your stuff.

It’s only my rule, and people hate it. I love the Cody Cutter. I think it’s better than an Os-Cutter, but I did get it from Will, so fair play to Will, who’s super talented. Beyond super talented”. - he said, as quoted by

Cody Rhodes and Jay Lethal

Although he is aware of the fact that many wrestlers are against such an option, Rhodes has principles he adheres to and does not want to change them no matter what.

Cody is always ready to do something special. “If I’ve wrestled you more than five times, I told Jay Lethal this once, and he hated it. He’s like, ‘No, wait, no, no, that’s not how it works.’ I can do your stuff.

It’s just my rule, and I’m waiting for someone to be like, ‘Hey, please don’t.’ But hey, I like to sponge. Part of what we do is, I got to lean into being a Rhodes, so I can do these Rhodes things.

I got to lean into being part of the indie revival. I got all that, and I’m lucky to have been part of it. So I sponge off as much as I can. The Booker roll, which Jerry does as well, there’s a couple of Arn Anderson things that I do that are hard to visualize. It’s all someone else’s. I just try to put into a Nightmare package”.

Cody Rhodes

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