Cody Rhodes on fans reactions to defeats and his thanks

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Cody Rhodes on fans reactions to defeats and his thanks
Cody Rhodes on fans reactions to defeats and his thanks

In an interview with the "Not Sam Wrestling" podcast, Cody Rhodes spoke about his career, as well as how fans react to victories and defeats in the ring. As someone who always had a great deal of respect for his fans, Rhodes was always prepared to go the extra mile to live up to their expectations.

In some cases, it was not possible to do so. Throughout all of these situations, Rhodes was able to remain calm and try to solve the problem as best he could. “Part of what we do is how happy they get and sometimes how furious they get.

I was more surprised with the biggest task that came after. Minutes after, it dawned on me, to get back here, they have to still believe in me. I just lost in front of them, and they have to still believe. I’ve done some tough things.

In the documentary, there are things said that could not be done, and we went and did them. The task of ‘can I get them to be on board even more after so many have invested, flown out, traveled, brought people.’ I remember seeing a guy in the crowd who had every piece of my merch on, every piece, and he was just staring at me.

Grown man, hand on his hips, I caught eyes, I couldn’t break. I told him, ‘I’m sorry.’ That was the part that surprised me the most. "

Cody Rhodes and signs

Rhodes is looking forward to the support he has.

Signs are something that makes him especially happy. "Every place we go to, and knock on wood this continues to happen, every place we go to seems like more excitement. I don’t want to buy in and be like, ‘I knew it.’ No, it’s a tough task.

They feel more excited, and a thing I noticed was fans are bringing signs back a lot more these days. Signs, that’s like the greatest thing ever. I had to make the point of trying to acknowledge each one of these. That really fills me up”.


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