Kurt Angle on Kane and his character


Kurt Angle on Kane and his character
Kurt Angle on Kane and his character

The name Kane is one that many of us remember for the great things he achieved and for his career. In the course of his career, this popular wrestler has accomplished a lot. It was during one of the podcasts that the legendary Kurt Angle had the opportunity to comment about Kane and the relationship he had with him as well.

In his interview, Angle stressed that he did not hang out with Kane all that much. “No. You know what? I didn’t hang out with Glen that often. He was a really nice guy. Nobody could [say a bad thing about him]. He was like the perfect employee; you know, he never got in trouble”.

Kurt Angle on Kane

Throughout his career, Kane gave his all and strived to be the best version of himself. In addition to being obedient and responsible, he was a great wrestler. Vince McMahon needed someone like that. In order to become a top wrestler, you had to jump over an obstacle called Kane.

Some have succeeded in this. “He did everything he was told to do,” he said. “He showed up. He worked his ass off. I think he was a little too nice because the company kind of took advantage of him. He did a lot more, had a lot more losses than wins, and was a dominant character.

So, you know, but he was one of those guys that was in the main event that really made other wrestlers because when you’re going up through the ranks, you had to go through Kane. And when you beat Kane, that’s a big plus on, you know, on your shoulder.

You can continue knowing that you’re a bigger star after you defeat Kane. So he was one of the obstacles you had to go through to get to the main event”. Source: PWMANIA

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