Brock Lesnar's new look!

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Brock Lesnar's new look!

As reported a few weeks ago by us at WorldWrestling, the former WWE Champion of the Stamford federation, Brock Lesnar, left the federation roster a few months ago, with his contract that had expired and with neither party, nor the 'athlete nor the McMahons, who wanted to extend their agreement, with the last match (for the moment), which the Beast played in the WWE rings, dating back to the last contest of Wrestlemania 36, ​​where to win the belt WWE Champion had been Drew McIntyre.

Despite having seen a further belt change, from McIntyre to Randy Orton, who was thus proclaimed for the fourteenth time in his career world champion of the Stamford company, of Lesnar, however, there is still no trace.

Brock Lesnar reappears with a completely different look from that of April

In the last few hours, a new photo of the now former WWE wrestler has been circulating online, with a decidedly different look than usual, with the beast of the McMahons who has grown a large beard, while touring Canada (the country where he resides since years with his wife Sable, a former WWE athlete too).

In the photo in which Lesnar was immortalized with a fan, you can see with your own eyes how a "small" detail such as that of a goatee or a slightly longer beard can drastically change the face of a man, including that of the Superstar.

WWE in question. At the moment, however, it is not known for sure what will be in the future of Lesnar, with a probable agreement with the UFC or EA Sports, which could also sensationally bring the wrestler back to the octagons of the company of Dana White, after years from his last.

match. Much more likely, WWE will simply be waiting for the pandemic to take its course, before putting the athlete back under contract, awaiting the return of the live audience to the company's events. Meanwhile here are the words of Jimmy Korderas when he spoke of Brock Lesnar's attitude: "He was fine, he understood his role very well.

At first he was like a sponge, he acquired information and learned everything that was said to him. of the time he started to get into his character but instead of saying no and saying I'm not doing it, he replied Do you think I would do such a thing."

Below the pic of Brock Lesnar's new look! What do you think about it?