Teddy Long: I have nothing good to say about Ric Flair

Teddy Long is not a big fan of Ric Flair

by Sead Dedovic
Teddy Long: I have nothing good to say about Ric Flair

Teddy Long talked about a lot during the Q&A with Sportskeeda. However, the most interesting topic was definitely Ric Flair. When Sportskeeda reporters asked him what he had to say about him, Long was brief; “No comment.

” Long said. “Like I said. If you’ve got nothing good to say about anybody, just don’t say nothing" Teddy Long is not a big fan of Flair considering their history of conflict. In an interview with Hannibal TV in 2020, Long described a moment when he was angry at Ric's behavior.

“One time in Knoxville, Tennesse I think and I know there were some girls that were trying to come into the back of the arena and then I think he was maybe at that door and they said some girls threw me under the bus.

I don’t even know who they were, I was refereeing. They used my name and said that I told them that they could come in or they could come to the back door or something like that. So he runs into me and the next thing I hear him say to me is “N, do you like working here?”

Teddy Long on Ric Flair

Teddy Long emphasized that he never received an apology from Ric Flair.

Long said, “No, I don’t think he has. I mean if he had I would know, no he hasn’t. Here’s the thing about that. Sometimes people don’t apologize like come up to you and say they apologize. Sometimes they can speak to you and maybe try and hold a conversation with you to let you know in so many words.

I didn’t really expect [an apology] and I don’t really care because I put that all behind me. I was able to make it and I was able to show people that had that negative about me that said I would never make it and I had no talent and I was able to prove them wrong so that was good enough for me so I don’t need no apologies, you know what I mean? Like I said, I’m just telling the truth.

It is what it is, that’s what happened”.

Source: CRASH

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