The Undertaker protects his wife from a shark!

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The Undertaker protects his wife from a shark!
The Undertaker protects his wife from a shark!

The Undertaker has protected his wife Michelle McCool from a shark that roamed the waters of the beach where the two were staying. The former Diva wrote on Instagram: "I was just enjoying a vacation at the beach when something big that looked like a shark approached, and it was.

So I texted my Undertaker. Apparently I wasn't too old to scare him, but you were." In the video we see Taker guarding the beach and making sure the shark doesn't hurt anyone. All without any fear, contemptuous of danger.

Undertaker and his wife

Undertaker is dedicating himself 100% to the family and has revealed a curious anecdote: he doesn't sign autographs when he is with Michelle and her daughters.
"People come up and ask me for an autograph or a photo.

I appreciate that they are fans, but now I'm not Undertaker anymore. I'm just a family man who spends the weekend with his family and I would like that to be understood," he said in a past interview. Taker and Michelle have been married since 2010 and have appeared several times, including on WWE screens, together.

Now definitively retired from the scene, Taker has abandoned the Deadman gimmick appearing more and more as Mark Calaway also in the various interviews he releases on the net. The Hall of Famer has revealed that he was contacted by WWE to play a coaching role and help the young talents.

The beginning of the love story between the two was not all rosy, above all because of the backstage reactions. Michelle said: "When we first started dating, we hid it…he had a bus at the time. I literally waited until the arena was empty until I got on the bus.

We would have arrived hours earlier just so we could hang out early and go to the locker room. So I hid it for a long time, knowing how a lot of people would react, and then it came out, and yeah… sadly I'm counted as something related to The Undertaker. The Undertaker's wife, which of course I love, but it's pretty tough."

The Undertaker

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