Kurt Angle: WWE could have done more with Samoa Joe

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Kurt Angle: WWE could have done more with Samoa Joe
Kurt Angle: WWE could have done more with Samoa Joe

Kurt Angle commented on Samoa Joe on his Kurt Angle Show podcast. Angle believes that Samoa's defeat had a big impact on him never being on the same level. “Joe, he got utilized properly in TNA at the beginning. Until he lost his undefeated streak against me, his value dropped dramatically.

They’ve never really picked back up and brought Joe back to the level he was when he was undefeated. ”- he said.

Kurt Angle on Samoa Joe and WWE

Kurt Angle thinks that WWE should and had to do more about him. Although WWE leaders wanted to help Samoa on many occasions, it seems that it was not enough.

Angle believes that Samoa Joe should have been WWE Champion. “I think that WWE could have done more with him. They did do some, they did a lot, but I know they could have done more. He was that talented. I’m not sure if it had to do with his look.

I love his look. I think that everybody should be different; big, tall, short, wide. Doesn’t matter. I don’t know if it had to do with his look, but Samoa Joe was so talented. He deserved to be a WWE Champion, he really did.

Probably and that’s not me blowing smoke, that’s me being honest”. The cooperation between the two of them was great. They understood each other very well and had similar ideas. Precisely for these reasons, they made a great tandem.

Kurt Angle has only had positive experiences with Samoa Joe. “Joe and I had the best chemistry. We always threw our two cents worth in, and we were always agreeable. I mean, if there was an idea that Joe liked, I liked it, too.

If there’s an idea that I liked, Joe liked it, too. We were more compatible than any other wrestlers, even more than AJ Styles and myself. Joe and I, it was almost like we were Frick and Frack like we were related. You know, like we were twins because we thought the same way.

We both had the same ideas, the same concepts”.


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