Eric Bischoff: CM Punk turned into a b*tch. He turned into something a little darker

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Eric Bischoff: CM Punk turned into a b*tch. He turned into something a little darker
Eric Bischoff: CM Punk turned into a b*tch. He turned into something a little darker

Eric Bischoff talked about CM Punk and his performance at AEW Collision and ALL IN on his Strictly Business podcast. Eric is clearly not someone who respects Bischoff and has a good opinion of him. “This was a major show, a brand new show, announced on a major network with what everybody thought was this huge star, and I’m telling you, like I’ve told you from day one, this guy is not a star”.

- he said, as quoted by His 'mystique' is what impresses Bischoff, given that CM Punk knows how to attract attention. "Here’s a really funny part of this that I’m thoroughly fricking enjoying is CM Punk has set himself up for just a dramatic failure.

CM Punk came in with all of this mystique, and he did a good job of creating that mystique and maintaining it, and for that, I have respect”.

Eric Bischoff on CM Punk

Bischoff believes that CM Punk went too far in many things and that he became someone he shouldn't have.

His return to AEW is a topic of much debate. Fans have mixed opinions about him, and some feel that he didn't deserve to be part of AEW after all. Tony Khan obviously has other plans, and he believes that CM Punk can do great things and attract attention.

It will be interesting to follow what it will all look like. “But once he got there, Punk didn’t deliver, and then he turned into a b*tch, and then he turned into something a little darker than just being a b*tch and being whiny, and the audience has started to turn against him.

The rabid CM Punk fan base has diminished substantially. Now because of all the mishegoss and all the drama and the politics backstage and the fights and the biting and the dog, the scratching, the hair pulling and whatever else went on, it sounds like such a b*tch fest to me anyway, but because of all that, now we’re bringing Punk back, and guess what? Remember when I told you, and I think I told you on this show, if I was Tony Khan, I would not bring Punk to the UK.

I would establish the fact that I could sell 70,000 tickets without him. They sold 65,000 tickets, and then they announced him, and how many additional tickets have they sold? 700? Like a percent, whatever it is, it’s incremental at best and now they’re having a hard time selling out these Collision shows with Punk as a centerpiece. Am I right or am I right?”

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