The Undertaker: "I'm proud of Roman Reigns"


The Undertaker: "I'm proud of Roman Reigns"
The Undertaker: "I'm proud of Roman Reigns"

The Undertaker can look back on an unrivaled career in the world of wrestling. The WWE Hall of Famer made the decision to officially retire in 2020 after the boneyard match against AJ Styles in the WrestleMania 36 main event.

The Undertaker character is one of the most popular, for 30 years he has accompanied fans of every age. His last appearance on WWE screens took place last January 2023, when it seems he passed the baton to Bray Wyatt during the 30th anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw.

Since he retired, Undertaker has returned to being human starting to tell stories never told before. In a new interview, the Deadman thus praised Roman Reigns and his reign as a universal champion.

The Undertaker: "I'm proud of Roman Reigns"

In an interview with The Independent, Undertaker spoke of Roman Reigns and his long titled reign: "He's doing an amazing job.

Her character and his talent grew exponentially during this time. His is undoubtedly one of the most incredible title reigns in WWE history. Roman could be considered one of the greatest of all time in wrestling given what he is doing.

Maybe he's not on the same level as Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin, he's amazing though, from that point of view it's all so subjective when it comes to this topic." Subsequently, Undertaker concluded his speech by admiring the impact he has had on the WWE: "Roman has earned the status that he has right now.

He's been holding the title for a thousand days now, he's going to god. I'm really proud of him and what he has achieved. He is impressive." In these days there has been talk of a turn face by Roman Reigns. But the head of the table is reportedly staying in heel for a while longer, at least until he settles things with his family and Cody Rhodes.

However, in the future many hope that he can come back face given his past. At the moment, however, it would be a quite courageous choice given the success he is experiencing.

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