Seth Rollins gives an interesting explanation for the World Heavyweight Title

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Seth Rollins gives an interesting explanation for the World Heavyweight Title
Seth Rollins gives an interesting explanation for the World Heavyweight Title

Seth Rollins talked about interesting topics in a conversation with Mark Andrews on My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast. One of the topics was Triple H handing him the World Title. Rollins believes that he and Triple H have had a similar journey.

This great wrestler emphasized that he is happy about everything. “I definitely think that it’s been a journey for both of us, to be honest with you. Triple H came into creative power, you know, kind of on a whim at the end of last year.

He’s obviously gone through some major life experiences and some huge changes over the past few years and I have as well. And so I do think our roads sort of paralleled, and then kind of came together at this very cool moment holding up that new title at Night of Champions.

So it was nice, man. It was very much a full circle moment I think for both of us. ”- he said, as quoted by

Seth Rollins on World Heavyweight Championship

He also claimed that he did not believe it was adequate to refer to the World Heavyweight Championship as simply the workhorse or as a championship of work rate.

Rollins is aware that they have people who are ready to do great things and who can do a lot. “I think it’s both. I think just kind of calling it the work rate title is a little bit underselling it. At the end of the day, the title exists because our roster is so chock full of talent.

There’s just too much to have one champion that’s not around very much. I think the fact that we had so many worthy contenders, people that could hold this championship, I think that is the reason the title exists.

If we had a weak roster and things weren’t good and stuff wasn’t hot, it might be a different story, it might be fine just to have one champion who wasn’t around, didn’t want to make live events, but that’s just not the case.

We’re selling out left and right, we’re hot, from here to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Paris, France, Mexico City, it doesn’t matter. We’re just selling out left and right. We need to have a World Heavyweight Champion on the men’s side to represent that level of competition.

I think we’re going to put in the work to build this title to be as big as any championship in wrestling. And we’re not naive and think that we don’t need to put in that work. We know that it needs to happen, but we’ve got the roster, and the guys and the crew who are willing to put in the time to make it feel as big as it is”.

Seth Rollins

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