The retirement match and Natalya's vision for it

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The retirement match and Natalya's vision for it
The retirement match and Natalya's vision for it

Natalya talked about her retirement match and when she would like it to take place in an interview with The Toronto Sun. Her wish is to have a farewell match in Calgary. She has been dreaming about this place for a long time now.

“If I could pick a place where I would have a last match per se, I don’t think there would be a place more perfect than Calgary, and when and if that day comes — maybe I could put it out there to the wrestling gods — that that’s the place that I would like to celebrate the ending of my career”.

- Natalya said, as quoted by Calgary is a place that is very special to her, a place that holds a special place in her heart. She has fond memories of that place from her childhood and would like to say goodbye there.

“The SaddleDome is where, when I was growing up, I can remember my dad wrestling, and Bret and Owen and Davey. Going back to Calgary and Calgary in general is so special to me, it’s special to my entire family”.

- she continued.


Eventually, Natalya will have to make a decision about when to end her career in the future. There does not seem to be any plan for such a thing in her mind at this time. However, Natalya knows she will have to make a decision, and she believes it is the right thing.

As one of the biggest stars of the WWE scene, Natalya is one of the most recognizable faces. There will be a lot of sadness for all WWE fans on this day. “I mean, that’s the dream of every wrestler, I think, to be able to pick their ending, to pick the day that they don’t want to do this anymore or the day that they want to retire or the day”.