Ted DiBiase is sick: "I have brain problems"

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Ted DiBiase is sick: "I have brain problems"
Ted DiBiase is sick: "I have brain problems"

Ted DiBiase has never been too steady in his life, starting out playing football at a young age before transitioning into professional wrestling where he remained for 20 years, not wrestling full-time since 1993 . In a recent interview with the Everybody Got A Pod podcast, the legend confessed that doctors diagnosed him with major brain trauma, and while he's safe from serious brain disease for now, he may forget the things he's experienced most in the past immediate.

"I'm dealing with it, and that's true. I don't have Alzheimer's, and I don't have dementia, but they said, Ted, you have something, we just call it severe brain trauma. And I was like, Really? I've only wrestled for maybe 20 years.

It doesn't surprise me that he might have a little brain trauma. What strikes me is my memory. They say it's easier to remember something I did 40-50 years ago, but short-term memory is snippets. Having had almost a 20 year active career, I wrestled physically almost 20 years, there were no days off, it was seven days a week until I went to the WWF.

Even then, when I started, it was three straight weeks, 21 days, 21 cities, and then you'd go home for a week. Then, they finally changed it to 10 active, three rest, four active, three rest, so you were home a little bit longer.

Thank God I'm still here."

The positivity of the NXT appearance

It's been a while now, but we're sure you all remember when WWE brought Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase back to the company for a storyline between Cameron Grimes and LA Knight in NXT.

The legend of the business himself spoke to For The Love of Wrestling: "I had fun. I am under what is called a contract for legends. So I make myself available for them and I am at their disposal if they should call me at any time and it is rare."