Rhea Ripley reveals if Judgment Day will get new members

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Rhea Ripley reveals if Judgment Day will get new members
Rhea Ripley reveals if Judgment Day will get new members

According to an interview with the Battleground podcast, Rhea Ripley talked about the Judgment Day faction and what she has planned for the future. It seems that there may be new members joining the group. According to Ripley, many have to prove themselves to get a chance to earn a place on the team.

“So, we’re always looking at individuals that might make the cut,” -Ripley said, as quoted by pwmania.com “They obviously have to prove themselves to us and they have to want the same things that we want.

Also, understand that no one is in charge. That we’re all here in a close knit unit where we’re all supporting each other and wanting what’s best for everyone in the group and just wanting to take over WWE as a whole”.

Rhea Ripley talks about new members

It is true that there are many players in the game. While Ripley and the other members of the team wanted to give a chance to many big names, something would always happen that would mostly prevent the arrival of any new members.

There appears to be a need for Ripley and the rest of the group to be patient in order to be able to welcome new members to the group. “So we’re always looking at the people that are coming up from NXT. We’ve looked at all the SmackDown Superstars, all the Raw Superstars.

We tried with AJ before but he was stubborn,” -she said. “We tried with Liv before but she was stubborn. We’ve been looking at a few people, I don’t want to give anything away but we’ll see if they make the cut”.

Finn Bálor, Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley, and Dominik Mysterio are doing great things. The question is whether they will get a new member. That would be an interesting thing.

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