Randy Orton's heart attack: the whole truth!

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Randy Orton's heart attack: the whole truth!
Randy Orton's heart attack: the whole truth!

The popular site Sportskeeda has published a recent interview with Teddy Long on YouTube, in which the historic General Manager of SmackDown appeared very pessimistic about Randy Orton's future in the ring. Among the topics of conversation this week, in fact, there were the recent statements in which Bob Orton revealed to Bill Apter what the doctors advised Mister RKO regarding his condition and a possible return to action.

With professional wrestling fans freaking out in recent hours when a rumor that Randy Orton suffered a heart attack began circulating, Ringside News wanted to dig into the situation, reporting: "Ringside News has had leads regarding a ridiculous rumor that we heard about Randy Orton suffering a heart attack.

We have been able to confirm that Orton has not had any kind of heart problem, and his absence from the WWE is only due to his back problem." But that's not all, because the site also reported that a source in WWE confirmed that The Legend Killer already has a return date planned, even if he won't be back anytime soon: "Randy Orton hasn't had a heart attack.

Randy Orton has a back date in his future, it's not this summer, but it's this calendar year."

How is Randy Orton now?

Just Teddy Long in that interview, said: "Recently, I had the chance to see him again, and Randy has definitely become a family man now.

I no longer see in him the hothead he once was. I think he has calmed down and understands what it means to be alive. I can't blame him for that." Then he continued talking about his possible retirement from the ring: "You know how this thing is, how the wrestling business works for some people.

It's in their blood. They just have to. I think Randy will do the smart thing and I think if the doctor advises him not to come back, I don't think he will. I mean, I don't know for sure. That's just my opinion, but like I said, I think he's quite level-headed now and understands."

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