Mourning in WWE: Peggy Lee Leather dies at 64

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Mourning in WWE: Peggy Lee Leather dies at 64
Mourning in WWE: Peggy Lee Leather dies at 64 (Provided by Sport World News)

Another Mourning hits WWE. Unfortunately we are forced to give the news of the death of a woman who has been able to leave her mark in professional wrestling with her uniqueness and tenacity,Peggy Fowler, better known by fans in the discipline as Peggy Lee Leather.

The wrestler began her career in the rings of the Fabulous Moolah wrestling school in the '80s, before then arriving in WWE to tag team with the legendary Wendi Richter in an attempt to win the WWF Women's Tag Team Championships.

When the two split, as tag teams often do, with Wendi Richter turning face to become the WWF Women's Champion, Peggy then became one of her challengers. To remember in her career also the fact that she was an NWA World Women's Champion, which as you know is a prestigious belt for women in professional wrestling, a tribute to the great Mildred Burke.

But not only that, because she also participated in the All Japan Women tour in the eighties, also wrestling for the AWA, Stampede, WCW and WOW Women Of Wrestling, to name just a few.

Mourning in WWE: Peggy Lee Leather dies at 64

The Cauliflower Alley Club profile broke the sad news, writing: “It is with hearts full of sadness that we announce the passing of the legendary Peggy Lee Leather at the age of 64.

Our sincere condolences to family, friends and fans around the world. Thank you so much for the everlasting memories left on your life journey. R.I.P”. David Mclane, host of Women Of Wrestling, also paid a further tribute: "Today we honor the life and pioneering legacy of Peggy Fowler.

With a professional career that spanned over 30 years, Peggy was known to many fans by her ring names: Peggy Lee Leather and Thug. She achieved breakthrough success in WOW, NWA, and WWF and held titles in LPWA, NDW, and NWL.

Her fans have also enjoyed her fabulous televised feuds with her longtime opponent Bambi, better known as Selina Majors, on WOW-Women Of Wrestling. A curiosity that not many people know is that Peggy was also a close friend of André the Giant.

Stay in power Superhero!" We at Sport World News also join everyone in sending our condolences to those close to Peggy.