Teddy Long on the chances of Randy Orton's return


Teddy Long on the chances of Randy Orton's return

Sportskeeda had an interesting conversation with Teddy Long. The main topic of conversation was Randy Orton and his potential return. Teddy Long is not too optimistic about that. He emphasized that Orton is an experienced wrestler who has matured a lot and that if the doctors tell him not to come back, he shouldn't.

“Randy, you know, he’s kind of hot-headed and I think I’ve seen that in the past, but recently, you know, I’ve had a chance to see Randy and Randy has certainly become a family man now. I don’t see that hot-headed in him that he used to have.

I think he’s calmed down and understands what it means to be alive. I can’t count it out. You know how this business is to some people. They’ve got it in their blood. They just got to do it. I think Randy will do the smart thing and I think if the doctor is telling him not to come back, I don’t think he will.

I mean, I don’t know. This is just me saying it, but like I said, I think he’s pretty level headed now and he understands”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Teddy Long: Randy Orton should go to AEW

Long believes that the best option for Orton is to go to AEW, use his experience and help the young wrestlers to improve.

Randy Orton would certainly be of great help to everyone there. “If I were him, I would go to maybe NXT, take a job there, help some of those young kids, and show them the right way. Randy Orton is another guy that knows how this works.

That’s where you got to have people like him, Shawn Michaels, or Terry Taylor, those guys that are down there. They know how this works and that’s who those guys need to learn from, from people that know what they’re doing.

Randy is one of those people. If Randy was smart, I would take that. That’d be easy and plus, he’s giving back to the business, and then you can watch what you’ve done. If you’ve helped some of the young kids out, you can sit back and watch them and be proud of your work”.

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