John Cena: "Roman Reigns is the best of all time"


John Cena: "Roman Reigns is the best of all time"
John Cena: "Roman Reigns is the best of all time"

John Cena is regarded as one of the biggest stars in WWE. However, in a recent interview, the Leader of the Cenation named Roman Reigns as the greatest of all time, all of this largely due to the unchallenged reign as world champion of the leader of the Bloodline.

John Cena: "Roman elevates everyone around him to the top"

In an interview with Busted Open Radio, the 16-time WWE world champion talked about his passing the baton to another wrestler. Cena explained: "I think Roman is the greatest wrestler of all time.

It was said that I passed to Roman a few years ago. To me he is the best of all time. He still has an incredible reign. I tried to help him become one of the best in the past while I was in WWE but it didn't happen during that time.

In the end it is He was able to achieve that goal on his own terms. I'm glad Roman got what he wanted in his own way and with his personality. He was able to bring eight other people with him to the top ranks of WWE as well. He allowed the entire Bloodline to rise to the max.

Roman's main ability is to be so good that he spreads his energy to other talents. This I think is his difference from someone like Ric Flair to say he's always been the core of everything. Roman takes some rest days but it's always there, its presence is important and I've never seen anything like it." Furthermore, in the same interview, John Cena revealed that he would give his all on any show to help other young athletes contrary to what his critics say: "The reputation I had, while I was there, was the fact that I would invest everyone the young athletes.

One day I had sat down with Austin Theory for about ten hours to talk to him. I would do it with everyone, I would make myself available for others."

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