Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on his first WWE earnings: A ridiculous number

"As you’re starting out, I wasn’t ready for WWE"

by Sead Dedovic
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on his first WWE earnings: A ridiculous number

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the most popular people in the wrestling scene. In a conversation with The Pivot podcast, The Rock talked about his first steps and the money he was making. The numbers were ridiculous “My first paycheck, in wrestling, my first paycheck was $40.

That’s what our guarantee was. This was before WWE. As you’re starting out, I wasn’t ready for WWE. I made my bones down in Tennessee. I wrestled down there, USWA, everybody came through there, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, everybody who became somebody went through there, and that’s where you made your bones and cut your teeth.

The guarantee, every night, was $40. Didn’t matter where you were at on the card, that was your guarantee."- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

The Rock on his relationship with Simone

The Rock also talked about his relationship with his daughter, Simone Johnson.

His daughter is the person he loves the most and with whom he has a great relationship today. However, he owes the greatest thanks to wrestling, because if it weren't for wrestling, it would be difficult for him to have such a great relationship with his daughter.

“I had so much shit going on. So, I like to say me and Simone grew up together,” Rock said. “We had a relationship where I was always gone, but we tried to keep it together. Now years later as she becomes a pro wrestler, it’s actually brought us closer together.

So, in a way, it’s helped save that relationship too. In many ways, pro wrestling has been my family’s savior”. There is no doubt that The Rock is a person who has immense respect for everyone and is much loved by his fans in the WWE. A truly remarkable story can be told about his career.