Cody Rhodes reveals his greatest goal!

“The goal is the same, is the best way to put it."

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes reveals his greatest goal!

While Cody Rhodes has not been able to win the title in the match with Roman Reigns, his ambitions on the wrestling scene remain equally big. Although he failed to win the title, Rhodes has serious plans for the future and continues to strive to win the title.

However, Cody still hopes he can win the title despite the fact that he doesn't know when or if the rematch will take place. “The goal is the same, is the best way to put it. The goal is the same for me as a sports entertainer, as a wrestler.

I came here wanting one thing. It doesn’t mean other stories won’t happen that will also be finished, and it doesn’t mean there aren’t other milestones. We’re talking about good things like video game covers, but the important thing to me is still the championship on Roman’s shoulders, and it’s the biggest match that WWE could do.

But it would take a great deal of mountains to be moved for that rematch to even happen. The goal is the same for me,”-Rhodes said, as quoted by “I just have to see it through and do the work”.

Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes

During the next edition of SmackDown in 2023, Roman Reigns is expected to stay on SmackDown, while Cody Rhodes will stay on RAW. However, despite all that has been said and done, Roman Reigns still has the same goals as we discussed previously.

He will not let anything get in his way of winning the WWE Title this year.
“The way I look at it is this what happened in Wrestlemania in Hollywood (losing to Reigns) is an injustice that I 100% intend on avenging.

Doesn’t matter what, doesn’t matter when it happens. I still intend to finish the story. And part of finishing the story means coming back to Belfast – Champion”.

Cody Rhodes