Kevin Nash frustrated with Cody Rhodes: He won't stop talking about the loss


Kevin Nash frustrated with Cody Rhodes: He won't stop talking about the loss

During the Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash talked about Cody Rhodes and the fact that he often mentions his defeat to Roman Reigns. It seems that Rhodes still cannot accept the fact that he did not win the belt, but no one doubts that the time will come.

Nash believes that Rhodes doesn't need to talk about it much, given that many fans have an aversion to it. “We have a situation where there’s verbiage and Brock comes down in a fucking duster cowboy hat. So if we go back to the Raw after Mania, Brock jumped Cody and beat him for eight minutes.

Cody comes down, and he’s not medically cleared because of the beating that Brock gave him, but wants a piece of him, and for that, they send 25 security guys in waves, not one of them bigger than Cody. I know it’s a babyface thing… he wants his pound of flesh, he wants his revenge.

But he keeps making reference to the fact that he didn’t win at WrestleMania. That’s absolutely evident since you don’t have a belt. You don’t have to bring it up every week that you didn’t win at WrestleMania.

I get it. People are still with you. Don’t lose them. But don’t do this. Don’t walk to the hard camera after Brock leaves and all the smoke is cleared and say, ‘You’re no cowboy, Brock Lesnar, because I know a cowboy…what you are is a coward.’ Now, I don’t know.

”- Nash said, as quoted by

Kevin Nash on Cody Rhodes calling out Brock Lesnar

Nash also referred to Cody and the fact that he decided to call out Lesnar. However, his outfit said a lot. “I just thought that he didn’t have knee pads on.

It’s like, don’t tell me that you guys aren’t going. It’s not booked to go. He got in Roman’s face in a three-piece suit, Roman was in a track suit and tennis shoes. I knew that wasn’t going nowhere. Nobody is stupid enough to tear up a $2,000 suit to make it be more realistic”.

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