MJF sang "Pennies from Heaven" during AEW Dynamite: He explains why


MJF sang "Pennies from Heaven" during AEW Dynamite: He explains why

In an interview with Fightful.com, MJF talked about important topics in the wrestling scene. Many were interested in the reason why MJF sang "Pennies from Heaven" during AEW Dynamite. MJF surprised many for the reason: “So Papa Stanley—big scoops here at Fightful—do you see this tattoo? Can you see it? That’s my grandfather.

He passed away about three years ago. He was a band leader. He actually, practically, invented bar mitzvah parties. So what used to happen was, he would go to a bar mitzvah. Some poor fucking schmuck would read their haftara and then everybody would eat a bagel with cream cheese and go home.

There was no party atmosphere in the aftermath. My grandfather was like, ‘This is fucking lame.’ He was the leader of the Al Stan Orchestra. So he started post-haftara parties. Then that became a huge thing. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, the Al Stan Orchestra was fucking huge.

If you’re in the north east, you know what the Al Stan Orchestra is. He loved Pennies from Heaven. He would just randomly start blurting out that song in public places. So that one was for him”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

MJF on Jews

MJF spoke about Jews who also succeeded in the wrestling scene just like him: “None that are fucking good, but yeah.

Goldberg, is that who you’re gonna fucking bring up. He’s barely Jewish. Paul’s great. Yeah, Paul Heyman. He’s my uncle”. MJF believes that he is a great representative of the Jewish community, given that Jews are portrayed mainly in stereotypical ways.

MJF is happy to deny such stereotypes and show a different picture. “You know, a little transparency, it means the world to me. There was two types of Jews that you would see in the media, TV or in movies. It was either really fat money hungry or really feeble, ‘Oh, please, don’t hurt me.’ So for people to be able to have a Jew to watch on TV to represent them that’s handsome and cool and charming and funny and witty and intelligence and very humble I think is so important. So important”.

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