Chris Jericho on the 'bizarre' idea for NXT: WWE executives rejected the proposal


Chris Jericho on the 'bizarre' idea for NXT: WWE executives rejected the proposal
Chris Jericho on the 'bizarre' idea for NXT: WWE executives rejected the proposal

In his “Talk is Jericho,” Chris Jericho talked about the exciting idea he had for NXT. Many did not believe that Jericho was really serious about such things. “The first thing that I did was, my first idea was I’m gonna have NXT come aboard.

Because I was like, ‘I’m not a promoter. I don’t know where to pull guys from Indies.’ If I can work with a company and then they can send whoever they want. I don’t have to worry about that part of it.

They can book the matches. They can have whatever they wanna do. So I approached Hunter [Triple H] in Philadelphia. I remember I had a meeting with him about having NXT on my cruise. Now people thought I was nuts at first. They always think I’m nuts when I have these ideas like ‘How are you gonna have wrestling in the middle of the ocean?’ I’m like, ‘Well dude I just played a f*cking rock show in the middle the ocean.

It’s the same thing.’ Sometimes it’s a little bit [wobbly] but most of the time it’s pretty smooth. It’s not dangerous”. - he said, as quoted by

Chris Jericho and Vince McMahon

Jericho was furious considering that they rejected his proposal after a rather heated meeting.

Vince McMahon was worried for a bizarre reason. “So I talked with NXT for a while and then in classic WWF fashion, they finally called me in a group call with about seven people on it, and [took] 45 minutes to tell me that they weren’t interested.

I was like you could have just said ‘Hey guys, we’re not interested. Bye.’ 45 minutes. The reason I found out was that, this is so classic, Vince [McMahon] doesn’t like cruises. Because he had just seen the news, where I guess there was a cruise where a bunch of people got food poisoning.

Something happened where like whatever. It’s not gonna happen on this cruise. I guarantee that. He was convinced that every cruise, people die of food poisoning, he was like, ‘Yeah, he’s worried that there might be problems with the ship.’ I am like, ‘What? He’s scared it’s gonna hit an f*cking iceberg? We’re going to Mexico, it’s fine.’ So anyways NXT passed and as soon as that 45 minute waste of time call was done, I picked up the phone and called Cody who connected me with Hunter Delirious who connected me with Joe Koff of Ring of Honor. We had the Ring of Honor deal done in about 10 minutes. That quick”.

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