Steve Austin: "Here's Why I Didn't Wrestle at WrestleMania 39"

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Steve Austin: "Here's Why I Didn't Wrestle at WrestleMania 39"
Steve Austin: "Here's Why I Didn't Wrestle at WrestleMania 39" (Provided by Sport World News)

One of the great absentees from this edition of Wrestlemania, which took place just a few weeks ago, was certainly Stone Cold Steve Austin, the absolute protagonist of last year's edition of the Showcase of the Immortals, who even had his return match on the WWE ring after 19 years of retirement.

After being convinced by WWE to take part in the event, and then having a match set up at the last second with Kevin Owens, this year too the company was convinced it could bring the athlete to the show of shows, but it didn't she succeeded.

To explain the real reason for this, after weeks of rumors, Steve Austin himself thought about it on the microphones of Sports Illustrated, with the WWE Hall of Famer stating: "I haven't talked about that, but I'll tell you the whole story, I've met some people from WWE.

We talked about some possibilities of me wrestling at WrestleMania 39. The biggest thing on my mind was the presentation of what kind of match it could be. Going back to 38, the way the KO thing was presented – I love KO – I had to decline three, four, five times until the creative team found the right thing.

I didn't want it to be built like a real match. I needed something that resulted in some sort of match and the way that went was perfect.
To make a real match, you need to be in a precise physical condition. I told them, the exact truth Guys, I'm preparing shows and production of them, Stone Cold Takes on America and until we start production, I don't know what my life will be like.

I can not accept."

Steve Austin and the greatest match with John Cena ever had

In an interview on the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin, the WWE Hall of Famer had wanted to reveal a few weeks ago how he would have liked to face John Cena: "Working with him would have been fantastic.

I've had a lot of extraordinary moments in my career. Fighting Cena would have been special though because there's something about him that the others don't have. Everyone is involved in what he does. It is special. Something like this won't happen again but I have a very good opinion of him." Who knows that before the two definitively retire from the ring, this match cannot go on stage, perhaps right in the WrestleMania rings?

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