Nia Jax helped by Charlotte Flair: "Thanks to her I lost 20 kilos"


Nia Jax helped by Charlotte Flair: "Thanks to her I lost 20 kilos"

One of the most mammoth athletes in WWE's recent history is certainly Nia Jax, former world champion of the company and athlete with a truly impressive physique, who has had feuds with the most important women on the WWE main roster and is also a cousin of the famous actor and wrestler of Samoan descent: The Rock.

After being fired at the behest of Vince McMahon just a few years ago at this year's Royal Rumble, Triple H wanted Nia Jax back in the WWE rings, with her entrance also being bothed by the WWE audio team. company, who started his ring entrance song before the end of the 10-count and before the siren.

Apparently, in her period off the WWE scene, Nia would also have lost a lot of weight, with Charlotte Flair's car in training which would have been fundamental for this drastic change in the life of the former Raw champion.

Thanks to her last tweet, in fact, we learn that: "Me to Charlotte Flair after her wedding: I feel fat and uncomfortable! I want to lose weight! Charlotte to me: please let me help you! You can do it mate! I officially started in October...

6 months later, I lost 21 kg. She sent me killer workouts and motivated me."

Nia Jax doesn't close the door on AEW

During a live broadcast on Highsports Sign It, Nia stated that she had learned at the last minute that she would participate in the WWE Royal RUmble: "No, I didn't know it a month in advance," adding on her gear: "I had to do it hurry." However, the Samoan is not under contract with WWE, in fact it was only a one-night appearance and recently, during a virtual signing with K&S, she was asked whether or not she would like to be part of the AEW roster: "Actually I would like.

I keep asking myself this question, and I usually say no, but actually I'd like her. I'm really good friends with Saraya, I love what she's doing there. I recently met Nyla Rose. It would be nice and she would add something different."

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