Booker T on a wrestler he's never worked with, but he'd like to


Booker T on a wrestler he's never worked with, but he'd like to

Booker T spoke about a variety of topics on his "Hall of Fame" podcast. He has a large number of matches behind him, some were more brilliant than others, some less brilliant, but the fact is that in every match Booker T gave his maximum.

Booker T revealed who his dream opponent is, with whom he never had the chance to wrestle. “There’s only one person I didn’t work and that was Shawn Michaels. I always thought Shawn Michaels was the best. They don’t call him Mr.

WrestleMania for nothing. He was really that good. I always thought he was phenomenal, and to not have gotten the chance to mix it up with Shawn Michaels one on one in that square circle, man I missed out. I missed out, but that’s the only guy”.

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NXT is a really great thing. Booker T talked about the amount of talent out there, and he's happy to be a part of the whole story. “You know, it’s kind of like my school, you know, a bunch of young guys trying to make their way through this business and trying to feel their way through the land.

Yeah, amazing, amazing talent. That’s the one thing that stands out more than anything that these young guys are like on another level, as far as talent goes, and trying to hone that talent into something. That’s what I like about being here at NXT more than anything, working with the young minds, having them be able to pick my brain, and talking about what works in the business and what not to do.

That’s what’s really cool about me to actually see them make real mistakes in real time and I can actually speak on it in real time. Then they come and talk to me about, ‘Hey, what were you talking about?’ Then we can actually go over it and then they go, ‘Oh yeah.’ So for me, it’s awesome. It’s pretty awesome”.

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