Here's Vince McMahon's role in Triple H's WWE

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Here's Vince McMahon's role in Triple H's WWE
Here's Vince McMahon's role in Triple H's WWE (Provided by Sport World News)

As we all know by now, WWE was recently sold to the Endeavor group, a company that also owns another giant, namely the UFC, which for now will not merge with the McMahon company, but the two will only be part of the same family having a common owner.

Obviously, many rumors began to circulate about the role of Vince McMahon in this new situation, with the Chairman who after the announcement would get his hands on the creative decisions for the post-Wrestlemania episodes and to clarify his role Nick Khan wanted to think about it, his trusty right-hand man, speaking on LightShed Live, with Fightful transcript.

In fact, he specified that the former Chairman will communicate with Triple H regarding the creative aspect of the shows, because according to him it would be stupid not to exploit it given that WWE is his product and has some experience.

The words of Nick Khan

"On Monday April 3rd, when this deal was officially announced, Vince sent out a company-wide email to our approximately 1,000 employees, myself included, and in the email, he laid out the structure of the NewCo.

Specifically, said Paul Levesque Triple H remains the sole Chief Creative Officer. The only one. How does that work? This means that technically, because I'm in charge of the commercial side of the business, I'm not looking for input from other people.

I wouldn't be looking for input from Vince Mcmahon, who created this whole empire?That would be a mistake on my part.Paul and Vince, a family relationship, a relationship that dates back to the mid-1990s. Paul is responsible for creativity.

If he wants suggestions from Vince or Vince has ideas that he and Paul will communicate, that's always going to be the case. We are lucky to have Vince. We are fortunate to have Paul at the helm of creativity. We are fortunate that the organization that Vince created can continue to exist, even when Vince exited for that five month period, the company has continued to move forward. We think the best organizations are set up that way and that's how Vince set up WWE."

Vince Mcmahon