That's why Trish Stratus attacked Becky Lynch on Raw


That's why Trish Stratus attacked Becky Lynch on Raw

In the Monday Night Raw episode staged on Monday evening, Trish Stratus saw fit to shock the fans of the WWE Universe with a heel turn against Becky Lynch, with the Irishman from the McMahon red show who was attacked at shoulders from the Hall of Famer, after losing the women's tag title that The Man held with Lita.

In fact, Trish had come to take the place of Lita, mysteriously attacked in the backstage of the episode, with the Canadian who thus took her place, already harboring the idea of attacking her partner in the post-match. In the end, after returning to the backstage, Trish did not even want to comment on the events in the ring, leaving the interviewer with the microphone in hand and without an answer.

Trying to give an explanation with a video on Twitter, Trish Stratus herself has thought about it in the last few hours, although she hasn't spoken anyway, the song in the background explains well what the current situation is like, with Billie Eilish's Bad Guy resonating as Trish walks down a long corridor.

Trish Stratus and her words about her future

In recent weeks, Trish Stratus had already wanted to talk about her possible future in the WWE rings, remaining however a bit vague on the situation.

In the SHAK Wrestling interview, on her future after her Showcase of the Immortals: “I mean, let's go to WrestleMania now and see what happens next. I'm a judge on Canada's Got Talent, I have kids and other business to take care of.

Coming back for a few weeks was peculiar, I had to leave my children. I have to train at night when I put them to sleep, from nine to midnight. I can't fight full time, I have other things to do but anything is possible." On the WrestleMania 39 match: "I don't think it was the right choice to come back and say I still have something to give in the ring.

The match against Charlotte had been perfect. It was a generational confrontation: the best of the modern era against what they say is the best of the older generation. I was satisfied with the epilogue. When I retired, I said I would only come back to have fun and above all to influence the new generations."

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