Kelly Kelly is pregnant, but a big surprise arrives!

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Kelly Kelly is pregnant, but a big surprise arrives!
Kelly Kelly is pregnant, but a big surprise arrives! (Provided by Sport World News)

Kelly Kelly was one of the WWE athletes most loved by the company's fans in recent years, also thanks to her breathtaking beauty and perfect smile, which made her one of the Divas (as women athletes were called at the time) most admired in recent decades.

Although her in-ring performances weren't the best, having much more gifted colleagues in the ring, with her ease and her naturalness, Kelly Kelly remained in the hearts of thousands of fans around the world . In recent weeks, Kelly has wanted to reveal to her fans that she was hit by wonderful news, namely that she was pregnant, with such news that she soon saw a second surprise, which the girl did not expect in the slightest.

In fact, during one of the first ultrasounds, Kelly Kelly discovered that she was pregnant with twins and not just a single child. As revealed by her last tweet, in fact:

In one of her latest interviews, released for the occasion on Entertainment Tonight, Kelly Kelly had already talked about her pregnancy, saying: "This definitely means that I will have to take a break from wrestling for some time, for sure, to focus solely on my new family.

I love having the chance to fight for the fans whenever I can and WWE has always been great by leaving the door open for me whenever I wanted to come back. So now who knows what will happen after the baby is born? Maybe I could go back to being a wrestler in the future? Wrestlemania is this weekend in Los Angeles at SoFi Stadium and I will definitely be watching and can't wait to debut my belly to everyone."

Kelly Kelly and the announcement of her pregnancy

Exclusively for ET, Kelly Kelly had let the world know, just about ten days ago that she is finally expecting her first child (before discovering the birth of twins) together with husband Joe Coba, children who should be born around September 25th: "I feel great.

I've dreamed of this journey to motherhood for so long and dreamed of starting a family with my incredibly supportive husband, Joe. Now that it's here, it's been a great experience. Of course, the first trimester isn't that great with all the morning sickness.

But once that went, the second quarter was great. I feel like I'm myself again and I have all the energy to do the things I love that I had missed in the first trimester like work, etc."