Rhea Ripley changes her look!

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Rhea Ripley changes her look!

After weeks fairly subdued for her, with the burning defeat against Charlotte Flair in the last edition of Wrestlemania, where she lost her much-loved NXT world champion title, Rhea Ripley remained a little far from the in-ring action WWE, with the Australian athlete who has devoted herself to many of her hobbies, including the gym and frequent change of looks.

Over the past years, in fact, the beautiful NXT wrestler has accustomed us to the strangest and most original looks, going from a long blond model hair to a much more "rock" cut, including piercings, tattoos and even a ring attire very succinct, just like the one seen in Wrestlemania against Charlotte.

Rhea Ripley changes her look once again and leaves fans speechless

The latest news from Ripley, now concerns her hair color, which has gone from a light brown to a platinum blonde, with the same NXT fighter also seen in the company's main roster, which now sports a completely different look, as you can see from the photo below.

The photo that attests to the new color of the girl was posted by Rhea herself, who in the company of her friend Demetri "Action" Jackson, immortalized herself for her fanatics, showing yet another novelty. Apparently, however, as reported a few months ago by us at WorldWrestling, Ripley's greatest passion would be tattoos, with which the former NXT champion would be literally in love, even if the WWE leadership would have imposed a particular veto on her, that is, to avoid any new tattoo on the upper body, that is, the one most exposed to the cameras.

The Australian WWE's biggest dream since childhood, in fact, was to become the most tattooed woman in the world, as admitted by herself in a recent interview, with WWE and Vince McMahon who, however, made that dream fade, at least as long as the girl works in the Stamford federation rings.

Meanwhile Mojo Rawley and Naomi become champions for one evening. The hilarious part of it happened when the names of Mojo Rawley and Naomi were entrusted to the Smackdown Tag Team Champions scenario, who besides being obviously not the reigning champions of the blue roster, they are not even a real couple on the WWE rings and above all they are an intergender couple, being a man and a woman, not being able to go to fill these roles, at least not for now.

Joking about it, one of the interested parties, Mojo Rawley, thought about it, who shared on his Instagram profile a screeshot of the WWE page accused of having sensibly mistaken the Smackdown tag team champions and with the ex 24/7 Champion who also asked his fans for a name to use in team with Naomi, which according to the athlete still has one of the best entries of WWE wrestlers.

Who knows that WWE now does not use this mistake to create something never seen in the rings of its federation, with an intergender tag team title that is still missing from the appeal of the various weekly shows and which at this point could be "invented" to create storylines innovative, also considering the success of the Mixed Match Challenge series of the past years, in which Mojo Rawley has never participated in pairs with anyone, much less with Naomi.

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