Snoop Dogg gave Undertaker a super gift at WrestleMania 39!

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Snoop Dogg gave Undertaker a super gift at WrestleMania 39!
Snoop Dogg gave Undertaker a super gift at WrestleMania 39! (Provided by Sport World News)

One of the most famous couples created in WWE over the years is certainly the one formed by The Undertaker and Michelle McCool, respectively multiple men's world champion of the company and counterpart in the women's sector of the federation.

Both athletes have now retired for a few years, although Undertaker doesn't really want to get into the McMahons' ring anymore due to his physical situation, while instead his wife occasionally returns to fight, such as for example at the women's Royal Rumble, in more than a few occasions.

However, both are often invited by WWE as well-known characters in the world of pro-wrestling, such as for example at the WrestleMania Axxess, where the two signed autographs for fans and where they also received a special gift from rapper Snoop Dogg, intercepted by WWE cameras in a behind-the-scenes special of the show of shows.

As you will see from the video below, the well-known world-famous rapper wanted to give the couple two personalized dog tags, for the couple's four-legged friends, who are inseparable from them in their Texas home. From what transpires from the faces of the Deadman and his wife, the gift seems to have been appreciated a lot, with Snoop Dogg who was happy to have done something pleasing to the two.

Undertaker and the refusal to sign autographs in the family

On the matter that involved Rhea Ripley just a few days ago, in an altercation with a fan at the airport who demanded a photo with her, the Undertaker also wanted to intervene, explaining that he does not intend to sign autographs when he is around with his family.

"My daughters play sports and it becomes a regular routine every weekend. People come up and ask me for an autograph or a photo. I appreciate that they are fans, but now I'm not Undertaker anymore. I'm just a family man who spends the weekend with his family and I would like this to be understood.

And I think 95% of people would understand that. Then there are also those who get angry and think I'm a stron--, it's still fine for me," explained the Hall of Famer to the microphones of the podcast The Bet Las Vegas. Taker then concluded his speech by stating that he wanted to devote himself completely to his family after 30 years in the world of wrestling.

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