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MATT RIDDLE COME BACK TO WWE! (Provided by Sport World News)

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE wanted to give several big surprises to the company's fans as every year. If in the main event Brock Lesnar decided to return to the ranks of the heels, brutally attacking Cody Rhodes like a real fury, during the episode a great return also made the WWE Universe fans who flocked to Los Angeles jump out of their seats for WrestleMania and post-Mania Raw as well.

During the umpteenth segment of The Miz, seen on stage like at Wrestlemania, while he complained about the various matches and the various beatings obtained because of Snoop Dogg, Matt Riddle, former tag team partner of Randy Orton, with whom he had also won the red show couple champion belts, after months of absence.

In fact, Riddle's face had not been seen for several weeks, since WWE had kept him out due to addiction problems, which had forced the athlete to enter a rehabilitation clinic and with the federation having put him out of the scene with a brutal on-screen attack, which initially had to justify his absence.

However, Matt Riddle is back, going to attack The Miz with his finisher and enjoying the ovation of the public, after months of absence.
After being shipped to a recovery community, it seemed that the company's intention was to focus much less on the future of the former Nxt boy, with the latest from him on his future looking less and less rosy.

As reported in a Wrestling Observer Newsletter a few weeks ago, through the words of Dave Meltzer, in fact: "He's been out for rehab for a really long time, suspending him for over a month now - four weeks. They may have decided not to use him for Mania and not to do anything with him, or maybe they have just decided not to invest in him anymore.

I assume he'll be back, but when he left he was all left with one point, that he'd be back in six weeks and now we're like 11 or 12."