Will Charlotte Flair take a break from WWE?


Will Charlotte Flair take a break from WWE?

Charlotte Flair attended Night 1 of WrestleMania 39 alongside her rival Rhea Ripley, the one who challenged her for the title of SmackDown champion after winning this year's women's Royal Rumble match, to go full circle a rivalry that between one thing and another has lasted for three years.

During the contest, there were several exceptional exchanges between the two, with fans going crazy both live in the arena, and then later when they took to social media to compliment the two on their performance and to congratulate Rhea Ripley who became the new champion.

Although many argued that The Queen would not be taking a break after the loss, especially since she has been very enthusiastic about upcoming WWE events, Dave Meltzer spoke about the matter in his latest Wrestling Observer Radio, with Ringside News transcript, stating who instead could soon take another break to pursue bodybuilding: "Charlotte Flair is down on weight, you know, she talked about doing a bodybuilding contest, but she talked about doing a bodybuilding contest this summer, and dieting and everything else.

I can't tell you how much weight he lost, but it was pretty noticeable." Charlotte has been sharing her journey in the gym and in terms of diet with her fans for several months, not hiding that she has done a lot to lose weight and put on more muscles together with a coach who follows both her and her husband Andrade.

Furthermore, in an update from PWInsider Elite, reported by WrestlingNews.co, everything is confirmed with the clarification that the decision to let Rhea Ripley win at WrestleMania was made before this announcement of The Queen's hiatus.

Her words about this possible new adventure

Dave Melzter wanted to give this update because we recently interviewed by ESPN, Charlotte Flair said: "I would love to do a bodybuilding competition. I'm thinking of doing it this summer.

I know what needs to be done from a diet point of view and how thin you need to be. How do I make it work on the road?” Bianca Belair recently experienced this experience, also telling about her journey with a very important social post.

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